Our community has been hit hard by Covid-19. So much of Miami-Dade's economy relies on the service sector with hotels, restaurants and entertainment, and our businesses are grappling with an uncertain future. To emerge from this crisis stronger we need a Mayor who will bring our community together and include everyone in a successful recovery. Alex Penelas has created a multipronged plan by listening to neighbors, talking to business leaders and building on the success of his first mayoral tenure.

Serving Miami-Dade: Alex Penelas’ Plan to Come Back Stronger

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Alex's approach for Miami-Dade's recovery is founded on Five Pillars:

Reopen the economy methodically, based on facts and science, not politics.

Alex understands that we must reopen our community carefully, guided by science and not politics. The mayor must be our communicator in chief.  His reopening will call for a consistent monitoring of new cases, hospitalizations and hospital bed capacity. On the government side, an investment in testing and contact tracing will be the foundation to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Alex’s plan will also promote that social distancing and safe hygiene will be a way of life for the foreseeable future.   He understands that a successful recovery will require all of us to take a personal responsibility to protect ourselves and each other.

Utilize pre-existing funds to get assistance to small businesses and displaced workers.

Miami-Dade County cannot rely on Tallahassee or Washington alone to support our economy. Alex’s recovery plan uses locally available dollars to give small businesses and workers the resources they need to stay afloat through this crisis. 

Support local businesses through a Local First campaign.

After 9/11, Alex launched a Local First campaign that drove Miami-Dade residents to locally owned businesses and restaurants. The importance of supporting our local businesses has remained unchanged in this current pandemic.  Alex’s Local First campaign helped pull Miami-Dade County out of a recession before, and it will help do so again today.

Invest in large scale infrastructure projects to get people back to work and build a Miami-Dade for the future.

Today, Miami-Dade County has more infrastructure improvements on our To-Do list than we ever have before. Combined with this are thousands of residents looking for work because of the Coronavirus pandemic’s economic impact. Alex’s plan is to seize this opportunity by building local infrastructure projects with local workers in order to provide the type of stimulus we need to kickstart our economy and get our people back to work.  With this program, we can address priorities that existed before the pandemic, like expanding transportation, combating the effects of climate change and sea level rise, and our crumbling water infrastructure.